Banana Tree

If you love Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Singapore dishes you will love ‘Banana Tree’. Walking up the road to pick up my girlfriend from work my eye’s were latched on this Asian, modern style restaurant that I’m coming into contact with,  my walking speed started to reduced a little.

It looked like an interesting place to go to, seemed like a good vibe…..Ok I’ll be real the 2 for 1 cocktail deal advertised coughed my eye. Everything else just secured the deal for me. After going I give it a definite green light. The atmosphere is wonderful, very bubbly and comforting. Food had me sort of taken back.

It was sooo damn good I had Tamarind Crispy Fish with Thai Basil Glaze. The texture of the fish was perfect and it wasn’t to crispy where its just basically cutting up the inside of your mouth, but just right enough to feel that lovely crisp texture break in your mouth. You do have to order rice separate as you do in most Thai restaurants. This was all of course washed down with a coupledrinks….yeh a couple, so I may have a drinking problem, sue me……..I don’t really, but having a Mai Tai  for the fist time got me, quite addicted. There are a couple branches around London, but I went to the Bayswater branch. Don’t worry for those thinking about if its to pricey. £25, sometimes less per person is all you need. So grab your stuff and get going


Clapham junction, Bayswater


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