Burger & Lobster

This is a restaurant I visited a while ago. I kept hearing about it from friends and associates. Looked it up and it got really good feedback, one after another. So I couldn’t really pass on the chance to try out something so talked about. It does sound like a weird combination, of having a juicy meaty burger, then a creature from little mermaid on your plate. For those fellow ‘Foodies’ I’m sure it sounded interesting to have two different types of food on one plate.

So one day when I was free I took my girlfriend to the Harvey Nichols Burger and Lobster Branch. Knowing this was in Knights bridge I was expecting an elegant restaurant, somewhere you take someone for a special treat or special occasions. Its not really cheap around that area. Looking up the menu and location prior to me going I was pleased and shocked to find it is not as expensive as I thought. £20 per person is enough, with that you can choose, either a burger or a lobster. They come in great portions, but if you feel the amount isn’t enough or you want both, you can always order more but it will cost more.

All in all this restaurant is a place I strongly recommend for anyone to go to Burger & Lobster, with a warm welcoming vibe, Stunning interior with mellow classic music playing in the background, giving you that want to get up and dance feel. Of course composure must be kept at that point. So Please go and eat something different today….or tomorrow….or whenever you have time. Reservations are also available.


Harvey Nichols, soho