Pizza Express

There are a few Italian joints out there. Having gone to a few such as, zizzi, Vapianos, Franco Manca. Pizza Express Is a runners up for me so far, as it does not boast of much pasta options, compared to Vapianos. Being a foodie i’m not the greatest fan of pizza, “whaaaaaaaa you don’t like pizza”, your thinking, I know right, its weird. It is enjoyable time to time but it needs that “vavaoom” for me to be excited about it and I feel pizza express does provide excellent varieties of pizzas.

Me personally I like to go in their and create my own. My last trip to pizza express I made a margarita pizza with caramelised onions, olives, rocket and chicken with some drizzle of chilli oil. As you can see in the picture . If you have read the ‘About Mdfoodz‘ page, you will know I HATE OLIVES, but it was only on the pizza due to a friend who I had to compromise with *roll eyes*. It still worked out great, of course I didn’t eat those revolting things people call olives, but the flavours worked well, having that sweet touch provided by the caramelised onions.

Been there quite allot lately as O2 priority have a £5 on any meal at pizza express every week, so if your with O2 take a trip and enjoy some Italian pizza for a fiver!. you cant go wrong. (I do have to say if you do create you own pizza it may not be exactlly £5 due to extra topping prices).


Fulham, Chelsea, Battersea Bridge, Southkensington, Knightbridge, Shepurd Bush plus many more.

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