Being one to always love travelling around places, I came across a new frozen yogurt spot. My particular favourite place and also well known is ‘SNOG’ where they have a wide range of toppings with a fair price for the amount of toppings you want. Ranging from fruit, chocolate, nuts, sweets etc. If you been reading past ‘SNOG’ and haven’t a clue of what I’m on about, then read up on what I had to say. Get your food game up.

The only difference between ‘SNOG’ and ‘Yoomoo‘ is that ‘SNOG’ only sells frozen yogurt with toppings where as ‘Yoomoo‘ boasts of more of a selection. Providing your typical frozen yogurt, but also coffees, smoothies and milkshakes. It may be a tad bit on the pricey side, but having been to the branch in harrods. It is something small you can grab in the busy part of knightsbridge with your health and taste buds looked after in more ways than one. Or if your having them days where you wanna feel a little bougie, Harrods location is perfect.

So go give it a try what will you create???, will you get the frozen yogurt, milkshake with a few friends on them spontaneous whims or just chill with a nice cup of coffee.


Harrods, O2 Centre, Westfeild (Stratford), Canary Warf and Westborne Park

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