Who loves fish, raw, slimy, wrapped in sticky rice. Well if your a sushi lover but also love warm oriental good food, wasabi is the place to go, with their katsu curry to their teriyaki chicken with sticky rice. They do also provide a variety of quench thirsty drinks, plum tee being my absolute favourite, I swear to you if you don’t like it then maybe your taste buds need to be in check, it’s that deep.

It is highly recommended for first-time sushi eaters, flavors providing subtle, but sweet taste with most of them. One being some type of fried food, carrot and wrapped In sticky rice. Being able to get two sushi rolls for basically £2 is pretty good.

Everything is out for you to see and grab, making it easy for when you’re on the go. So give it a go and let me know what you think. Me personally this is my new alternative to some greasy Chinese, but not a complete replacement. I can’t eradicate special fried rice out my life, or some cheeky salt and pepper fried prawns…. So Pop into your locale wasabi and explore another realm of food.


Hammersmith broadway, Kings street, Kensington high street, Picadilly, Victoria just to name a few


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