The Blues Kitchen

In the heart of east London’s Shoreditch you get this old American feel type of restaurant, looking like a pre-demolished building, paint stripping everywhere and layers of bricks on show. Why have music from speakers playing in the background when you can have a live band playing, without the overpriced tickets. A bar that is very respectable. Capturing your eye as soon as you walk in, something you would expect to see from the 90’s.

Now let’s talk food, boy oh boy, you see the ribs in this place are no joke. I’m talking real big ass things that will put you to sleep after eating them, that ‘ITIS’. You can choose to order of up to three different meats. But I personally recommend the beef rib. The type of meat to come straight of the bone, with a deep smokey taste ‘having flashbacks of an epic BBQ’. It can be less than £20 for the three meat choice which does come with one of the best fries you will ever have and a homemade coleslaw.

This is definitely a place I would recommend for the meat eaters, don’t worry for all my vegetarian friends out there they do have an interesting choice of salads, but that’s it so you may be a little disappointed with the selection. So why not go on a nice sunny day, grab a hat and checkered shirt and make your way there and get a good feel of the old west.


Shorditch, Brixton and Camden


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