Smoking Goat

So we all know about the different food profiles the world has given us. The combinations and creations that are concocted in the hot, fiery, deep, depths…..who am I kidding its just a kitchen. Thai delicacies are a perfect examples, as they do pay attention to detail, when it comes to the flavours, presentation, texture and just the intricate use of different spices.

Smoking goat is no exception to the traditional east asian style of cooking. “Never judge a book by its cover”, at first it looks like an old English pub to get a good couple of beers down you, but I feel it helps towards its Thai barbecue restaurant theme. Once you step in. Something new not your typical oriental decor. Looking at the menu, you straight away see the influences from the chillies, fish sauces, palm sugar etc. From chilli fish sauce wings to pork belly and pickles. The use of pickles is actually executed well, as I had ‘Smoked Lamb Ribs with gapi glaze & pickles’. It gave the dish a sweet edge, I can also say the same for ‘Fish sauce wings’ which you wouldn’t think to put together, but works really well. The chilli and spices aren’t as hot as you may think due to the other sweet aromas surrounding most of the dishes. For those who don’t really like hot food.

I was pleased with the choice I made when it came to this place, I love Thai food. Well all food. It’s a nice little place situated near central, great lil spot for date night, simple and cosy. One thing I can say is, as for the ribs I did have allot of fat than actual meat on the bone. I may have just been unlucky and got the bad batch. Just putting it out their.


Covent Garden, soho


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