Snog is where it all started, if you’ve already gone through my ‘Food Tripz’ then you’ve heard me mention it in the ‘yoomoo’ post. If not, go and read it. Having similarities between the two, snog did, however, take my frozen yogurt virginity a couple months back.

For those who have not experienced this type of frozen dessert they usually have a basic selection of flavors when it comes to the base yogurt, but it is complimented well with the choices of fruits, cereals, sweets, chocolates etc. Do watch for their special edition flavors. I was lucky enough to come across the peanut butter flavor, so smooth, creamy with it’s thick icy texture. It was literally something refreshing in my mouth, not in that way #awkward, but adding the toppings took it to another level. Did I mention it’s fat-free. So go enjoy something good without the consequence of gain a few pounds.

Follow them and you never know what new ventures they may bring, I’m certainly gonna be on a look out.


South Kensington, Soho, Westfield White City, Westminster, Marlybone.


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