Sautéed sweet potatoes w/ steak and garlic green beans

For all the gym fanatics or if your just James/Jessie from down the road who wants to know what else they can do with this widely used vegetable. Here is a simple and easy way to spice it up a little in the kitchen. Don’t get any ideas yeah, strictly PG guys. Having previously had Sautéed Potatoes, I thought to myself Sweet Potatoes would be amazing, with the nice crunchy outer and soft fluffy inside. Sounds like I’m describing a chocolate or sweet. You all know by now or should know my thing for sweet foods. “The search will never stop”.

Back to where I was, this is ideal for also spicing up your meal preps as mash potatoes or roasted potatoes can get quite dull at times. So here is the best of both worlds combined. You don’t always have to accompany the starchy food with Beef, why not use Chicken, Fish, Lamb etc. Why not try throwing it in some salad. The method is so easy you’re going to have your friends and family impressed. Roughly 30min to make, that’s not too bad.

You need

3-4, Sweet Potatoes

1 tspn, Rosemary

2 tbspn, Butter

2 tbspn, Olive Oil

  1. Heat up some water, once boiled throw in the Sweet Potatoes for 3-4min. Then drain.Add the Oil to the pan once hot add the Butter and Rosemary leave on a medium heat for 1-2min. (This is in order to release the aromas)
  2. Throw in the Sweet Potatoes and fry on each side, stir occasionally on a moderately high heat for roughly around 15min or when it has gained a golden brown color to it.
  3. After 10min of frying the Potatoes, Heat up another pan and throw in Steak and fry for 3-4 min then flip once and fry for a further 2min.
  4. Serve with a salad garnish or any other delicacy of your choice.

Leave a comment and let me know how it goes.





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