Sweat Potato and chickpea curry

Your gonna be seeing allot more dishes that cater to the vegetarian community. Having changed my diet from eating everything to becoming a pescatarian, it hasn’t really been challenging. No seriously! It’s easy, I gradually cut everything else off, but as you can tell allot of dishes out in the big bad world have some type of meat.

My job now is to be on a look out for great alternatives to help it easier for people to either make that transition in their diet or just healthier options, period. Of course, as you know I love my sweet savory foods so it wouldn’t be something I stand by unless it has a little sweetness to it. Sweet potatoes you can’t go wrong.

With this dish, you can add other vegetables, but not too much as it may be too much and overpowering. This a great source of fiber and protein. So looking for better blood sugar regulation. This will surely be of some great help. It’s very easy and simple to make, as follows.

You need

1/2, Onions

2 cloves, Garlic

1, Ginger

Handful, Green beans

300g, Chickpeas

4, Sweet potatoes

400g, Tinned tomato

400g, Coconut milk

1 tspn, Chilli flakes

1 tspn, Turmeric

1 tspn, Ground coriander

1 tspn, Cumin seeds

1/2 tspn, Salt and pepper


  1. Heat up a pot, once hot add oil and throw in cumin seeds and onions (Fry for 2-3 minutes ).
  2. Add garlic ginger and spices (Cummin Seeds, Tumeric, Ground Coriander) and fry for a further 2 min.
  3. Once that is done, throw in the veg (Sweet potatoes and String beans) and stir for a little. Now throw in the chickpeas, Chopped tomatoes and Coconut milk. Leave on a low heat to simmer for around 20-30 min. (This is also the perfect time to add the Chilli Flakes, but it’s up to you)
  4. Just before you turn it off, cut up some fresh coriander and throw it in leave for a further 2 min, then serve. (I love coriander so I kinda went crazy) 

Please share, comment and let me know how it goes.


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