Chicken Chasseur w/ Sweet Mash

A timeless french classic, this was a autumn dish, but can be made whenever wherever. For those who love a lil alcohol in their food. This is perfect, don’t use to much though, it may just ruin your meal, but let me not be the one to get in between you your drink.

Another very simple and easy chicken dish to make I don’t see why you couldn’t use this same technique when trying to make a bolognese sauce with red wine. There’s not many rules to this game, try it out, be adventurous.

You’ll need

4, Chicken Breast

200g, Mushrooms

100ml, White wine

300ml, Tinned tomatoes

1 tsp, Thyme

100ml, Chicken stock

1 tsp, Flour

1/2, Diced Onion

2, Garlic


1 tbsp, Butter

  1. Get your Mise en place ready. Have a pan on a medium heat, add oil to the pan once hot. Have a pot of hot water boiling (Add salt in the pot of water). Have another small pot with milk, butter and thyme warming up (Once it starts to get to boiling point remove it quickly and leave to the side).
  2. Place the chicken on the pan (let it saute for around 8min or so till it gets some coloring), add the potatoes into the pot of hot water (check after 15min).
  3. Place the chicken on the side. Add butter and the garlic and onion into the pan. Once colored add in the thyme and mushrooms, then add in the flour(stir for 30 seconds). Add in the wine, salt, stock and tomatoes.
  4. Put the chicken back in and leave on simmer for a further 10min. Check the potatoes a knife or fork (If it goes through, its ready, but you don’t want it too soft). Drain ad leave to the side if ready.
  5. In the large pot you used for put the potatoes back in, while adding the strained milk mixture slowly while mushing the mash potatoes till the desired creamy texture (You can use a hand blender if you have one). Add parsley to the Chasseur and plate up.

Please share and comment and let me know how it goes.


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