This is a place that you must have seen or heard about tucked away in Lil old Chinatown, it was creating such a buzz around the time I heard about it, but never seemed to go and try it out till a fee weeks ago. I feel like I got to make up for lost time. Its a definite place to try out. Its a light waffle texture with airy pockets of dough, accompanied with ice cream of your choosing and a range of condiments ranging from biscuits, chocolates, sweets, fruit, etc. Rendering your tastebuds defenceless.

This came about by finding, a way to use broken eggs that couldn’t be sold to the public. To me any innovative way to save food is always eye catching and beneficial to the agricultural community within society making the most out of a product.

This is a place I really would recommend its a different approach to the basic waffle and its just something creative and unique. Go and have your sweet tooth accommodated to.




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