Spinach & Prawn brunch

Who doesn’t love brunch a combination of breakfast and lunch. Poached are a must ien your brunch, just before we go any further. I can’t get enough of seafood specially prawns so came up with this Lil recipe while at my friends on a day off. The caramelised onions are the perfect sweet touch, which I always try to incorporate in my dishes. This recipe is so simple and will test your multitasking skills with different components to manage. Don’t be alarmed everything will be explained in a oh so simple way.

You’ll need

1/2 Sliced, red onion

1/2 Diced, red pepper

1 cup, Spinach

Handful of Prawns

1 tsp, Mixed herbs

1 tsp, Butter

Ciabatta bread

2, Whole Eggs

Salt & pepper

  1. Put a pot of water on hard simmer. (Medium high heat so that it does not bubble), have another two pans on medium heat. Then add the oil to pans. Pre heat the grill on a medium heat.
  2. Once the pans are hot add the onions with a little sugar in one pan and leave on low heat. Add Butter to the other pan, once melted add the Prawns along with the Pesto Sauce and Red Peppers. Stir occasionally for 4 min. (Half way through throw in the Salt, Pepper, Mixed Herbs and Spinach) Stir and leave on a low heat.
  3. At this point your water should have a light bubbling action going on. (That’s your hard simmer) Add vinegar and stir. Add the Eggs (Cracked, in a small bowl to help keep shape) in the water.
  4. Straight after throw the Ciabatta (cut in half and buttered up) in grill, till it gets colour this should be around 1-2min. In which you take it out the grill and also remove the Eggs from the water and place on plate with a cloth or tissue. Turn everything off.
  5. Get the Ciabatta put on a plate, scoop the caramelised onion and place them on top first. Add the Spinach, Prawns and Peppers on top of the onions. Finish off with the eggs and add pepper if you wish.

Please share let me know how it goes.


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