Being a lover of all foods as well as having an eye for all things nice and fancy. To me the environment and style of where I go is important to me just as much as the quality of the food. Top tier for me is the nice fancy restaurants, whether its around kensington, Sloane square, Fulham, etc. I do also like the more authentic simple but vibrant places. Well to be honest as long its intriguing to me it will get added to the list. Fancy or not. Fancy does usually win, but lets not get into that.

Your probably thinking, we got a picky one here. Well you kinda do also hard to fully please. So where would be one place that can executive of ones demands. Box-park east croydon this with new and upcoming food businesses all shacked up in one place. Ranging from italian, Spanish tapas dishes, sushi, pullpork, chinese, creps, waffles, mexican. It just holds no bounds or restrictions to what can be provided. The atmosphere is also great to be around, somewhere friends can meet up and indulge or just want a nice fun date. With different events popping up accompanied by food dont think you will be anywhere near disappointed.

Yumn caught my eye straight away. It was like a gem, walking around the East Croydon box park tucked in the corner, the elegantly designed decor was right up my ally. To make it better it would suit everyone’s budget. Killing two birds with one stone. The food was also worth everything. Provided with good quality products its sure to be somewhere you should go. Fine dining meets box park.


Box Park Croydon, Croydon


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