Souvlaki Street Food

Around December couple days before Christmas I went to an event ‘After Dark’ in Chiswick house. It was just a light show throughout the grounds displaying various pyrotechnics. Shame for the weather, but my ultimate highlight that evening was seeing a small food court at the end of the event.

Having a simple stall nothing to fancy, It reminded me of most places that I’ve found to have amazing food don’t tend to have the flashy ads and gimmicks. So I approached and after finishing my chicken wrap I officially said goodbye to the local Kebab. I fell in love.

Having a soft pitta bread wrap garnished perfectly with the classic tomato, red onion, parsley, olive oil, lemon and salt. Not to forget, tzatziki coating all the ingredients, which gives such a nice cool kick. Additionally with a choice of grilled pork, chicken or lamb all seasoned wonderfully. Your wondering why there’s chips inside the wrap. I was little sceptical at first, but it makes the wrap complete in my eyes. This little difference is what gives their modern take on Greek kebabs that edge.

For all cheese lovers, halloumi is given to you tucked away cooked to perfection inside the wrap. Not to forget a vegetarian menu is optional but don’t be to optimistic about that. I strongly suggest you go take a trip with only less than £9 to spend and left satisfied, you can’t go wrong.


Various locations so check out there website @souvlakistreet.


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