The legendary Byron. When it comes to that gourmet restaurant style burger this place does not disappoint. Been going here since I was in college so thats a few years back. So had to do this review as soon as I revisited. Back then It was mostly due to the Oreo milkshake and burger. Couldn’t get alcohol at the time. Once adult life kicked in I fully understood the concept of burger and a beer.

As Ive cut red meat out my diet for a while now, I one day had a sudden craving for a fat juicy beef burger with a cold beer. O2 have a priority offer where you can dine for 2 with a side and drink included all for £17. The best £17 you will spend on food. For me the ‘Byron burger’ with its juicy patty, crispy bacon, red onion, fresh lettuce, tomatoes and Byron sauce just make it the ultimate classic burger. I left stuffed and heavily satisfied. Word to the wise, burgers should be eaten medium rare as it is just juicy and soft enough to be able to melt in your mouth.

Always accompanied buy a slice of gherkin and a choice of fries or salad you’ll be satisfied. There is other optional filling, such as chicken, vegetarian and vegan. Quality is still to die for and the decor is mostly simple, edgy and modern. A very posh establishment appose to GBK which has a rustic homely, wood interior.

So go check it out and if you arnt on O2 then just less than £20 pp is all youll need.


White City Westfield, Stratford Westfield, High Street Kensington, Kings Road, Regents Street, Leicester Square and other various locations.


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