Kitchen Tools

This is is just a run down of what I feel should be essential kitchen tools. There are various number of knives over 16 types, for different tasks. From spreading a purée, cutting a fish, cutting cheese, big chunks of meat etc. In a professional kitchen it’s not likely you’ll use every knife invented by mankind there are some that can get the job done in multiple ways. I would personally suggest having a chefs knife, parring knife and serrated knife when it comes to the knives. Also a decent peeler, good spatular, whisk, Strainer and wooden spoon and rolling pin.

Chefs knife – A multi all round knife which is most common among chefs with a length of 8-10″.

Parring knife – Is perfect for peeling and slicing vegetables, especially the small ones. Being a very small knife allows you to manoeuvre better a-pose to the bigger chefs knife.

Peeler – Perfect for peeling fruit or veg. Also make sure it has a good grip.

Spatular – When it comes to the actual cooking this is one of the most essential tools as some can end up ruining the food once to try to use it as it may not be as flat as intended. Also a metal one is ideal.

Serrated knife – A sharp knife used for bread but you can use it for more veg that require a little ore effect cutting.

Strainer – Great tool to help wash dirt off fruit and veg. Also for straining pasta.

Wooden Tools – Great to use when mixing and rolling food as it doesn’t stick to the equipment easily. Do change them from time to time.

Whisk – When mixing liquid ingredients together or to combine air into the mixture this is the perfect tool.

Any other essential tool to help in the kitchen is a good chopping board (multi colour coded if you can), food processor, mandolin, strainer, whisk, good pots and pans, tweezers and lastly a thermometer. Do not forget your oven cloth. Consider that as your other hand. When it comes to grabbing anything, trays, pots, pans etc. Safety first.


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