Mis en place

If you’ve tried and failed at pronouncing the title it’s ok it just translates from French to “put in place”. It took me a while to understand this concept while training, I just wanted to cook. It is basically a way for the chef to have everything ready in place for service. That way, when the show really starts your are all ready. Think of it as learning your lines before you shoot a film or go on stage to perform. It’s so crucial, to a chef to get this down as it will reduce time wastage, can have better control when your cooking and you won’t need to run around and confuse yourself. No likes stressful cooking.

So if you want to be organised in the kitchen then have your “mis en place” set and you’ll see how much it helps. I used to hate doing prep (mis men place) I just wanted to be where the action is, but in time I learnt that you get know more about the food you appreciate it allot more after taking the time to prepare. Also one sure way to improve your knife skills. Never forget to label after you put something away.

So I Ensure you that your cooking time will reduce, stress will reduce and the confidences to cook whatever you want will rise about even what you thought you was capable of. This technique, created by the French is really what separates a cook from a chef.