Herbs as we know it. Is the green leafy ingredients that is sometimes aromatic with different flavour profiles accompanied by the wide range of uses, this can be from culinary, medical and spiritual uses. In culinary uses, where it’s used to add some flavour to the dishes. Some herbs do actually fall into both ‘herbs’ and ‘spices’. An example would be coriander leafs that are used in curries, soups, salads and heavily considered as a garnish. It also consists of Coriander seeds which have a more stronger punchy taste, hence being a spice.

After personally trying different types of herbs some that can even give your mouth a slight numbing sensation here are what I highly recommend to always keep in the kitchen if not GROW THEM.

PARSLEY – This widely used herb is great and a favourite amongst British, European, Middle Eastern cooking. Providing a very fragrant aromatic smell. This should be kept in a damp kitchen cloth in the fridge.

CORIANDER – A very prominently used herb world wide, that has a more earthy aroma, excellent in curries. Store this the same you would with parsley.

THYME – Similar to rosemary, just not as strong. It also works well with red meat just as much as it is with fish. Store same way as you would rosemary.

ROSEMARY – One of the strong aromatics, this is usually pared with beef, lamb and chicken. It can be used for other dishes I’ve seen it used in a cocktail. It is heavily used in European cooking these days, but was originally from Mediterranean areas. Store on a tightly sealed bag.

MINT – A very aromatic herb, used in teas, meals, desserts. Very widely used and has medical benefits. Store this the same way as parsley.

SAGE – A very strong smell provided, this is famous in British and European. More for pork dishes and stuffing. Very distinct as it has a slight fury putter layer. This should be stored in the fridge, wrapped in kitchen towel and placed in a perforated bag.

DILL – A light tasting herb with a slight tang, very good for the liver, and digestive system. Best used in salads and fish dishes as the shuttle fragrance wouldn’t over power it.

BAY LEAVES – Containing various vitamins and minerals. It does not have a over powering smell, but work very well in soups, curries, sauces as the flavour gets slowly realised. Store in a tightly sealed bag. In cool dry place.

BASIL – Mostly used in Mediterranean cooking and of course Italian. This is actually used allot in Asian cooking as there different varieties ranging from sweet with a strong flavour to peppery. Store the same as parsley.

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