Egg Fried Rice: A Simple and Delicious Chinese Recipe

A favourite dish amongst us all. So many variations available. For me it’s easily my favourite comfort food. Specially making next days rice useful. Been going through a journey with East Asian and pan Asian cuisines. I’ve found especially in Thai food the popular use of fish sauce and it really is something to consider it just elevates the meal to a new level with its not to acidic flavour. You shouldn’t use a large amount but there are lighter fish sauces available.

After getting the hang of this you can then start to add in your favourite ingredients. Better yet you can just tweek the recipe, if your confident or bold enough to. Don’t worry you can’t really go wrong with recipe. For my fellow vegans, remove the eggs and fish sauce and youll still have a wonderful fried rice dish.

You’ll Need

2 cups, Rice (Cooked or next day)

1/2 cup, Green Peas

1/2, Red Onion

1, Eggs

1 tsp, 5 spice

3 tbsp, Soy Sauce (vegan)


1 tbsp, Fish sauce

2 tbsp, Sesame oil

  1. Prepare mis en place (chop onion, crack and season eggs). Heat up the wok on a high heat. Add oil, once hot throw in the onions.
  2. Once onions are starting to colour (after 2-3min) add in the fish sauce, 5spice pour in the beaten eggs, season and stir constantly, while stirring pour in the slightly warmed rice (not all at once). Stir occasionally for 1-2min.
  3. Reduce the heat to medium low and add in the soy sauce and green peas. Stir occasionally and season.
  4. Remove from heat and serve. I garnished mine with coriander and sliced spring onions. (You can top it off with anything you desire or leave it how it is)

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