Tomato Nourish Bowl: A Simple and Delicious Meal-in-a-bowl Recipe

A great way to mix and match all your favourite or new combinations in one bowl. Anyone whos into food or health knows the search for the new food phenomenon is always on. This has been a very poplar one in the recently years, similar to a Buddha bowl (vegetarian) or Poké bowl (hawian raw fish version). This is non vegetarian version. Composed of several different ingredients its a great way to eat your meals.

While on my search a friend told me about ‘Intuitive eating‘ and ‘Mindful eating’. Where Intuitive eating goes against the social norms and rules towards the relationship with eating food. Its the complete opposite to a diet, where it pushes you to listen to your body. This can be from hunger, fullness and satisfaction (Intuition). As to Mindful eating, this is along the lines of it counterpart but the key difference being consciously aware of what you are putting into your body for nutritional value and of course what you like to eat. What better way to start your journey on eating good with one of these.

Try it out and get creative. Great way to excite yourself when eating specially for the ascetics.


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