Simple cabonarra

Pasta oh we are back again. This is a ultimate classic. Shockingly through my whole food journey I have only recently tried it. Even though I have a handful of people around me who find it to die for. Well after trying it I had to make some more the next week. Its really easy but for all those who dont eat egg thats a shame. More for us muhahah. Im just messing around. I have seen vegan eggs, so why bot give them a try. As long as you follow these steps youll be adding another classic under your belt.
Usually you do use just the yolk but I accidentally used the whole egg, surprisingly it still came out amazing. So easy my little brother mad it. He’s no esteemed chef I assure you.

You’ll need

100g, Parmesan cheese

1, Eggs

Salt & pepper

400g, Pasta

200g, Pancetta

Handful of Parsley

2 Garlic Cloves

1/2 Shallots

  1. Boil water in a pot and add the pasta in the water. (Heavily salt the water) Add oil to another pan and sweat down the shallots and garlic (This should take take around 2min). Throw in pancetta, cook for a few min till a nice brown colour.
  2. Once coloured, lower the heat to the lowest (Or remove the pan from the heat) thrown in the pasta and some pasta water. Season then add in the eggs (Make sure they are seasoned beforehand and has a fair amount of Parmesan grated inside).
  3. Once everything is mixed together add a little more grated cheese and serve. I finished mine with some black pepper, parsley and cheese.

Please like, share and let me know how it goes.


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