A Pasta Lover’s Paradise: A Pea Purée Pasta recipe for a flavorful and healthy dinner

Purées are one those things on a dish that is quite under ratter to the normal person, but it can bring such flavour and the ability to transform a dish in such a simple way. Pea purée I feel it’s the simplest. All purées are quite simple to make. As long as you have all the tools and things ready you can make it perfect. I like to cover my green veg in this purée as it enhances the flavour and gives that real green healthy feel.

Once perfected why not try other vegetable purées with pasta or just a different way to have your veg. Its easy and simple to make.

Youll need

2 Cups of Peas

2 Tbsp, Olive oil

1 Tsp, Butter



200g, Pasta (Any of your choice)

  1. Boil two pots of water and add salt to both (enough to make the water really salty). Add pasta to one pot and add peas to the other.
  2. Take the peas out after 1 minute (keep some of the water from the peas), place in a blender with some of the water, salt, pepper and olive oil. Blitz till smooth. Pour into a sieve and push through the mixture into a bowl for a finer consistency.
  3. Once pasta is done. In a pan on low heat pour in the pea purée, some more fresh peas followed by the pasta. Mix together and serve. Season if you feel it need to be.

Please like, share and let me know how it goes.


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