Just before lockdown was announced I made sure ai had to go somewhere I have not been. South Kensington is one of my favourite places to go for lil eats, it does actually have a few Instagram worthy places to visit. As for my sweet tooth this are are really has everything, chocolate covered churros, different versions of cakes, ice cream, frozen yogurt, teas & coffees it just goes on and on.

This place was another random discovery on a day I was going to catch up with a friend. I wanted a coffee but with a cake of course. At first, it seems like a cosy sort nestled away, but once you enter the bright and spacious store you are welcomed with a range of assorted cakes, crepe cakes and Japanese style cheesecakes. All in different variations and colours, you will be spoiled for choice.

I ended up trying the strawberry shortcakes. At first, it looks like a whipped cream-filled sandwich with no crusts. Definitely something new to try. So a different coffee experience.


Soho, South Kensington & China Town


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