Mackerel Carbonara: A Classic Italian Dish with a Seafood Twist

This is twist or shall I say elevated classic dish. For those who are new to carbonara. Being such a classic dish I thought why not make a seafood version. Whereas the classic Italian dish consists of guanciale, pork cheek to me and you. Pasta, hard cheese, egg yolk and pasta, To be honest as long you understand the fundamentals of how to make the original dish you can make your own variations.

I know it’s not technically a carbonara as it comprises of mainly pork. Don’t cancel me, or hang me up, yes this is directed to the Italians. It’s just a tester on a classic dish I’m not trying to do a Jamie Oliver here lol.

You’ll need

200g, Grilled Mackerel

2, Egg yolk

80g, Mushroom

1/2, Shallots

1tsp, Tomato purée

2, Garlic Cloves

350g, Spaghetti

1/2Cup, Pasta water

1Tsp, Mixed herbs

Salt & Pepper


  1. Get your mis en place ready. And get a pot water to the boil. Once brought to the boil add in the spaghetti (Add allot of salt to the water before placing the spaghetti in).
  2. In a pan add the shallots and butter, once translucent add in the mushroom, tomato purée and mixed herbs. Stir for around 2min then add the mackerel (Use some pasta water to not dry out completely) and allow to simmer for another 5min.
  3. When pasta is done, drain and add to the pan. Turn the heat of the pan, then throw in the egg yolks. Grate the cheese in the pan. Season and mix together.
  4. Serve and grate more cheese if you wish and garnish with the parsley.

Please like and share and let me know how it goes.


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