Tomato Roasted Pasta: A Delicious and Easy Weeknight Dinner

As it’s world pasta day. Sounds like heaven to me. World wife known to be a staple in the Italian household. It is said to have maybe originated from China as the earliest know pasta was made put of rice flour, a pose to the wheat flour in Italy.

One of the best comfort foods out there, the divergences of pasta available are a long list of shapes and sizes also what your are able to do. From lasamge using flat sheets of pasta or the classic bolognese using spaghetti. One thing I’ve noticed with cooking pasta dishes is just keep it simple. So once you got this I’m sure your pasta game will step really be elevated.

You’ll need

300g, Pasta

40g, Cherry tomatoes

200g, Tinned tomatoes

1 Tbsp, Mixed herbs

20g, Parsely


Black Pepper

1 Tsp, Butter

20g, Shallots

50g, Greens peppers

2 Cloves of Garlic

4 Tbsp, Olive Oil

  1. Have all your mis en place ready. While getting that ready have a pot of water ready and pree heat the grill.
  2. In a pan on a medium heat pour in the olive oil (2 Tbsp) and add the butter. Once melted add in the shallots and garlic till it colours. Once colouring starts to happen put in the peppers for 4-5 min. Add in the chopped tomatoes bring to boil then simmers for 15min.
  3. At this point, throw in the pasta and allow to cook (half way throw the cooking add some of the pasta water into the sauce to loosen it a little so it does not get to thick). Follow packaging instructions, but 11-14min on simmer after bring to the boil is always good for me (Dont forget to add the salt to the water for the pasta).
  4. Once the pasta is close to being ready, place the cherry tomatoes in the grill for 2-3min (medium-high heat, drizzle lightly with olive oil and salt). Once pasta is done (not forgetting to stir to the tomato sauce occasionally) drain and to the sauce. Stir for 2 min.
  5. Pour the pasta in a bowl add the grilled tomatoes and garnish with the parsley once done finish of with olive oil and more pepper. (Add your favourite cheese or add cream while cooking if you love creamy pasta)
Pasta – Tricolore Fusilli Pasta Twists

Please like and share and let me know how it goes.


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