Oxtail Ramen

I can’t stress how much I love ramen and if you dont know much about ramen, I wrote a blog post about a solid spot to start. This noodle soup dish. Packed with an absolute abundance of flavour in the broth alone accompanied by either a variety of vegetables and protein or just vegetables.

Originating from japan it has So many variations, depending on the region where you are getting your ramen from. This can be from the type of broth to the shape of the noodle etc. The noodles come in three different categories of water ratio (low, medium and high) Packed with protein an honest nutritious all round meal great for everyone.

I personally go for soba noodles with a rich texture and silky. For ideal for ramen. A pork broth is my weakness but a beef broth goes down well. As for this dish it will be a beef broth as ill be using oxtail. The flavour from the fat and beef combined would bring allot of flavour (Fat equals flavour not fat). Alongside various vegetables you can always use you own if you wish.

Youll need

500g, Oxtail

1 Whole Carrots

1 Whole Onion

1/2, Leek

1 Celery Stick

Handful of Wing Flappers

4 Tbsp, Soy sauce

3 Tbsp, Sesame oil

9, Mushrooms

Small Handful of Coriander

3, Bay leaves

1, Eggs

3-4 Slices, Narutomaki

6g, Black Sesame Seeds

6g, Salt

20g, Ginger

6g, Black Pepper

  1. Get mis en place ready.
  2. Throw the Oxtail, flappers, Carrots, Onions and Ginger In a trey and roast for 30min until a nice colour is formed.
  3. Once done transfer into a large pot and add 2 1/2 Litres of water (cold) and bring to the boil, throw in the leeks also. (Their will be some scum the forms at the top, remove with a ladle or skim out with a large spoon) Then leave on simmer for around 2 hours (making sure to remove any scum at the top if formed).
  4. Pass through the broth after removing the winglets (also take out the oxtail and. Shred with a fork) and boil for another 30min as it reduces and concentrates the broth. (I like to leave the shredded oxtail back in the broth, in order to obtain more flavour and get softer).
  5. In the meantime sweat down (cook with giving it colour) the carrots and Sauté Mushrooms in sesame oil. This should be around 2-3min. Then set aside.
  6. In a pot of boiling water add in the noodles until cooked. (If not place in a large container and add in boiling water and cover for around 2min). At this point I like to add egg in the broth and cook for around 5-6min for a soft boiled egg (clean under hot water before placing it in the broth)
  7. Once done lets start to assemble. Start with the noodles then add the mushrooms, carrots and oxtail. Pour the broth over until noodles are submerged in the broth. Add the narutomaki (best to cut when frozen, well I found it easier) and coriander. Place eggs where desired then add black sesame seeds.

Please Like, share and let me know how it goes.


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