Crispy, Juicy, and Delicious: The Secret to the Best Fried Chicken

Your probably thinking this is usually something I would post but after many requests I thought and posting my last recipe thought why not. I would personally suggest this on maybe a cheat day or once in a while. Even though I have tried to make it a healthy as possible, it is still fried. A classic known around the world to the point I’ve seen many videos fighting to create the crispiest chicken. Personally that’s a little too much crunch for me so this is pleasant still crispy, but still got that flavor.

By substituting and removing a lot of ingredients from a usual fried chicken recipe, such as buttermilk, egg, breadcrumbs and changing the oil to fry it in. Avocado or olive oil are your best choices when it comes to deep-frying, due to the to the high level of monounsaturated fatty acids compared to other oils which contain polyunsaturated. This drives to less harmful compounds formulated when frying. Also a slight technique I like to use before frying is bringing this is soaking in a salt water bath which leaves you food more moist than usual.

You’ll need

500g, Chicken wings

2 Tbspn, Salt

4 Tbsp, Sugar

4 Twigs of Thyme

1/2, Orange

2 Bay Leaves

10g, Black Peppercorn

300g, Self Raising Flour

20g,Mixed Herbs

20g, Chicken Seasoning

20g, Garlic Powder

20g, Paprika

20g, Ground Black Pepper

20g, Salt

  1. Clean and cut wings. Throw in a large bowl, with aromas (thyme, bay leave), peppercorn & orange. Now pour in the brine mixture (salt! Sugar & water). One it has covered all the wings, cling film and leave in fridge minimum 6 hours, but ideally 24hours. Was after and pat dry a little.
  2. In another bowl add all the dry ingredients (paprika, garlic powder, mixed herbs, chicken seasoning, salt & pepper) and mix together.
  3. Pree heat your deep fryer, if you don’t own one than deep frying in a large pot is ok just make the temperature is between 176-190 degrees.
  4. Once hot, dip the chicken in the flour mix. Tap of excess flour place gently in the oil and fry. Once done place on a plate with tissue (this absorbs any excess oils).
  5. Now serve with your favourite sauce and some herbs. I’m used sweat chilli and coriander.
Chicken Wings

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