Drunken Prawn Noodles

One of the reasons I started mofoodz was with a mission to change the festival scene, I was craving either pasta, noodles, Asian food, African food, middle eastern, just something healthier than deep-fried chips, burgers, hotdogs etc. Gladly it’s slowly changing but still don’t see anything like MoFoodz out there. So be on the lookout for similar dishes to this on the Mofoodz truck. For now, recreate it in your kitchen.

For me the best thing to eat to sober up is good noodles. Personally I think it’s the greatest, but think that’s up for a debate another time. Funny enough this came to me one night when I just wanted noodles so accidental recipes. Perks of being a chef lol. Super easy and you can switch it with your favourite veg, protein & noodles.

You’ll need

60g, Rice noodles

1 Mushroom

1/4, Courgette

1 Tsp, Garlic & Ginger Paste

1 Tsp, Fish sauce

1 Tsp, Soy sauce

1 Tsp, 5 Spice

1/2, Chilli

1, Reddish


1, Egg

1/2, Onion

85g, Prawns

1/2, Lemongrass



  1. Get mis en place ready. Heat the wok on a high heat. Boil water place noodles in a bowl and once the water has boiled, pour over the noodles and soak for 2/3 min.
  2. Once the wok is hot add in the onion & lemongrass fry for 2min, then add the mushroom & courgette. Fry for a further 2min.
  3. Add the 5 spices along with the ginger & garlic paste, stir then add in the prawns. Stir for a further 5 min (add the fish sauce now). Add in the noodles, Chilli & soy sauce. Stir for a further 2 min. Season and pour into a bowl/plate.
  4. In the same wok add oil, and crack in the egg. Allow frying for 2 min or when the egg whites are fully cooked through (personally I like my yolk runny). Then serve. Garnish with radish and coriander.
Drunken Prawn Noodles

Please like share & let me know it goes.


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