Cooking Oils: The Good, the Bad, and the DeliciousCooking Oils

As we all know these are the essentials, the first thing you use before cooking that will determine and help cook and caramelise your food. Some different oils have different properties from great with cooking at high heat to a great emulsifier for a dressing. Here are just my personal choices of oils to have or use in my time as a chef.

Rapeseed Oil (Canola Oil) – A popular oil with diverse applications, it is hailed for it health benefits, great to use when frying as it does not tamper or effect the anti oxidants and other chemicals in the oil. UK based it’s been referred to as the ‘British Olive Oil’.

Hemp Oil – Great and very nutritious, it however has a low boiling point. So not great for cooking with. This means that it’s incredible as a dressing for your food.

Avocado Oil – A great source of monounsaturated fatty acids, and extremely versatile not just for cooking but for the skin. It does also have a high smoking point so also great for cooking.

Olive Oil/Extra Virgin Olive Oil – The oils are extractive from, yes you guessed it olives. Very healthy and nutritious, personally I can’t cook Italian food or anything Italian inspired without it. Rich in flavour and great for using in dressings.

Truffle Oil – This is just an infusion of Olive oils and truffles to give you that truffle taste with less intensity. Truffle isn’t for everyone, very strong and pungent.

Garlic/Chilli Oil – A classic Oil infusion pair, some can be stronger in flavour than others. Perfect as a dressing only wouldn’t suggest to cook with it at all.

Cocoenut Oil – Full of nutrients and fatty acids that you need that help with metabolism, hair, skin etc. Another versatile oil that helps within and outside. Wouldn’t use one for hair & skin plus for cooking try keep them separate.

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