Green with Envy: Spinach Purée Pasta Recipe for a Delicious and Nutritious Meal

Another simple and healthy recipe is done in minutes. We all are aware of the benefits that spinach. Hopefully, we are, high in proteins, vitamins and anti-oxidants. There’s usually a debate on whether it’s better eaten raw or cooked but it depends on what your diet is or what you want to gain for example cooked spinach will produce more beta-carotene, which is a type of antioxidant. As opposed to raw spinach, it produces folate, vitamin C potassium amongst other things.

This came about from a competition winner. For those who don’t know, every two weeks I run a completion on my Instagram where you get a chance for me to come to your home and cook you a meal, but it’s from ingredients you have in your house. So had to come up with a different way to have spinach instead of just on the side or mixed in a stew or sauce. I was just as impressed as the competition winner with the outcome. Probably a great recipe for kids struggling to eat their spinach. Either way, you can create any type of puréed pasta with this method.

You’ll need

1 Garlic Clove

1/2 Cup Of Olive oil


110g, Pasta

1/2 Tsp, Dry Mixed Herb

200g, Spinach

Black Pepper

  1. Boil water in a pot and add a fair amount of salt. Once boiling add in the spinach and cook for 2min, take out and put in a ice bath (container of water in ice). Save some of the spinach water.
  2. In a food processor add in the garlic, spinach (drain some of the water out the spinach, not all), pepper and mixed herbs. Blitz for around 3-4 min. Slowly add some olive oil to make the purée more smooth. If you don’t have a food processor a nutribullet blender is perfectly fine.
  3. If it’s not as smooth and more chunky continue to blitz and slowly add in the spinach water till it reaches the desired consistency.
  4. Now you can add it to the pasta. Heat up a pan on low heat add in the purée and also the pasta. mix together and in the spinach water if it is getting dry.
  5. Server and enjoy I accompanied the meal with a prawn and pepper mix but You can try it out with whatever you like.
Spinach Purée Pasta

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