“A Week of Rice-tastic Recipes: National Rice Week

Pretty self explanatory, but a staple in many cultures. I like to keep with my food calendar. Of course I had to take part in this one, as I mentioned earlier its a staple in many cultures alongside mine (Kenyan) is no difference. Growing up its was eathier Chapati, Ugali & Rice. Rice would be served with anything from stews to cooked veg on the side. Personally I love it and find it very versatile.

As part of this weeks event I looked up and did some research and found some interesting facts and info, from China being largest consumer of rice along with being another large producer of rice. White rice comes from Brown rice, all other rice types (red, wild, gelato us).

Being Kenyan there are a lot of influences when it comes to food, from middle eastern to indian. So you know I had to put as much influences in their As I could. Managed to create 5 different rice dishes. Pilau being a home staple for Kenyans. Oh and had to create my version of special fried rice.

Golden Shrimp Fried Rice – Sounds just how it sounds. A new technique that I am going to use more often now. Using egg yolk mixed in the rice before cooking gives it the ‘Golden’ colour.

Combo Fried Rice – A classic my version of special fried rice with pork, chicken, shrimp and some veg. I use 5 Spice, Fish Sauce and Oyster Sauce.

North African Fried Rice – Created randomly one day mixed with Courgette, Strong Beans, Macerel and a poached egg. As for herbs and spices I used mustard seeds, cumin, bay leaves, turmeric and parsley.

Seafood Fried Rice – I love seafood so there was no way I’m a miss out on this opportunity. To create a dish with some of my favourite seafood ingredient. I used, prawns, mussels, squid and crab meat. I would also suggest using fish sauce to amplify the taste.

Pilau Beef Fried Rice – A Classic Kenya dish, but think originated. With a mixed spice blend

Did you take part in National Rice week, weather eating or making it. If so which one is your favourite???


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