Celebrate National Curry Week with These Delicious Dishes

Curries are a worldwide known cuisine. Originating from all over Asia with their different variations. It is a type of gravy, stew or sauce. The flavour profiles are unmatched, varying from sweet, savoury and spicy. South Asian, African, Caribbean and pan-Asian curries all have their identities. It’s great to showcase and celebrate this type of food. The first national curry week took place in October 1998. Founded by Peter Grove. As you may know just in south Asia alone there are numerous amount of curries, but from what I’ve found there are only three main ones (Red, Yellow and Green). This is due to the ingredients used.

Coming from an east African background, there are influences from south Asians from spices to methods. I love the use of coconut milk, and with curries, it’s a winning combination. As there are a lot of spices and various seasonings being used one would think it’s not healthy at all but it kind of is. With the various spices it actually brings a high in anti-inflammatory compounds so this boosts street, boosts heart health and improves blood sugar levels.

Chicken Curry – A classic curry, served with rice, mildly spicy, rich tomato base alongside cauliflower and mangetout.

Fish Curry – Red mullet chunks, in a hearty spice tomato curry. Cooked down to perfection with some mangetout and peas. Served with fresh basmati rice.

Beef Curry – A creamy spicy beef curry, close to a jelfrize curry. That tomato base with the kick of spice. Served with peas and served with garlic naan bread.

Lamb Curry – A sweet addiction, with Apple as one of the ingredients that bring a tartness. This was cooked with rosemary, which is great with lamb.

Thai Red Veg Curry – A fragrant curry with coconut milk, Thai basil, chilli and veg. Served with grilled pak choi and Saffron rice. This was different to what everyone is used to.

Curry Chicken – A Caribbean style to the classic chicken curry, can’t lie this one here is defo hard for me to choose which one is better.


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