The Future is Green: How Sustainability Can Help Build a Better World

You’ve probably heard this in various discussions, platforms and adverts. Well, let’s first break it down. Its main and fundamental principle from what I have gathered is the ability to use the resources at hand and maintain it for others (future generations). With a few main types, such as ‘Human, Social, Economic & Environmental’.

Human – This is where it is the development of skills and human capacity to support the functions and sustainability of the organisation and to promote the well-being of communities and society. Education, Health, Nutrition, and Access to public services are ways of maintaining human stability.

Social – The indicated pillar incorporates the idea of sustainable development as defined, addressing social and economic improvement that protects the environment and social equality. Cohesion, mutuality and the importance of relationships amongst people are ways social sustainably is encouraged.

Economic – Aims to maintain the capital intact. Improving the standard of living is one of them. So the efficient use of assets to maintain profitability over time maintains and helps with just more than the standard of living.

Environmental – Very simply put, this aims to improve human welfare through the protection of natural capital (e.g. land, air, water, minerals etc.). From a business perspective, how one can achieve positive economic outcomes without doing any harm to the environment.

MoFoodz strives to abide by and achieve sustainability, where ever possible. This can be from companies to work with, suppliers, equipment, disposing of food etc. These areas will be treated with the same level of diligence.


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