Well hope the catchy little word play gave away what this is going to be about. In this page we will be talking about all things related to food and just a platform to provide various information about food. Whether it may be about nutrition, cooking tips, agricultural matters, spirituality connected to food etc.

There is so much more to food than just what it is, there is the taste, flavour, cultural connection, something etc. I feel that people are not as connected with what food they eat due to certain food cooperates who take advantage of this and feed us things that should not be in any human body. The chemicals, flavourings, sugars the list goes on.

So I hope this can help you in so many ways in your life, I’m a firm believer in health is wealth. The wealthy all say, on numerous occasions how it is important to take care of your health. Let’s be honest if your sick as a mule I don’t think you could go out there and make money or live life the way you wanted to.