Vegetarian Pancake Breakfast

I’m not on the level of being vegan, well not as of yet. Never say never, but their are days where I would eat vegan/vegetarian meals. This is maybe because I’m more consciously aware of what I am eating so subconsciously my body denies meat, poultry or fish. I think my body is telling me something. Maybe?

Being a crazy lover of poached eggs and pancakes, what better way than to put the two together. Pancakes and eggs has been around for, well before I was even born, a great combination specially as a full English breakfast bundle. Look out for the next place I post that do a serious breakfast meal. This dish isn’t crazy heavy and a different way to spice up the baked beans (Haricot Beans). Oh so simple and to reduce the cooking time you can buy pre made pancakes. Asda sell the most fluffiest pancakes for like £1. Can’t go wrong. So with around £5 to spend for a delicious brunch, let’s get cracking.

You’ll need

1/2, Red Pepper

1/2, Red Onion

1, Spring onion

2, Pancakes

2, Eggs

2 Tbsp, Sunflower Oil

Salt and pepper

1 Tsp, Butter

1/2, Mixed Herbs

2 Tbsp, Apple cider Vinegar

  1. Get everything ready chopped and out ready to grab. Heat up a pot of water 3/4 of the way till the water heavy simmers. At the same time heat up a small pan with the oil.
  2. Once the pan is hot leave on a medium low heat and add in the Red Onions, some of the Spring Onions and Peppers cook for 4min. Add the butter and mixed herbs stir and leave for 1min, then add in the beans. Throw in the salt and pepper and leave on a low heat for 4-5min
  3. 2 min before the beans are done add the vinegar into the pot of water and stir. Crack an egg and add it to the water (I like to use a medium large measuring spoon and gentle drop the egg into the water, just to help to shape, small bowl is also adequate). After a 2-3min turn the beans off and remove the eggs and place to the side on a cloth (To absorb the water).
  4. Heat up the pancakes for 30 seconds, then drizzle the beans on top then place your poached eggs also on top. Finish with the remaining Spring onions. Enjoy!

Please try, share and let me know how it goes.


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