Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl: A Delicious and Nutritious Start to Your Day

I’m always on the hunt or coming up with different ways to spice up breakfast the first meal of the day. What a better way than to have some hearty roasted sweet potatoes to start with. Not sure why, but I had a nice craving for potatoes in the morning, these were at hand so thought lets see what we can do here.

Great source of fibre, great for the digestive system. Can’t forget about classic egg and beans combo. Of course with a twist I like to add cheese in my beans, just to give it a rich creamer flavour profile and some salad to accompany the meal. Sounds like a nice healthy mix to me.

Once you’ve tweaked it to your liking hope it inspires you to create more different breakfast dishes, try leave the beans and egg combo of you can…

You’ll need

1 large, Sweet Potato

200g, Baked Beans

¼, Red Onions

1, Garlic

50g, Cheddar Cheese

1 tsp, Mixed herbs

30g, Mixed leaf salad

1, Egg

Olive oil

1 tbsp, Butter

10g, Parsley

20ml, Vinegar

  1. Mis en place (Prep everything, chop and weigh out what needs to be used). Preheat the oven at 180degrees. Add oil, salt and pepper to the sweet potatoes, mix and place in the oven for 15min (Don’t forget to turn halfway).
  2. Heat up a small pot on medium heat. Add oil, then the red onion and garlic. Once you see it caramelising (After around 2 min is when the process starts to happen), add a mob of butter. Then add in your beans, cheese, mixed herbs and slowly mix occasionally (Turn it to a low heat at this point, don’t forget to season). Do this for around 5 min and turn off the heat. (The cheese should be fully melted with the beans at this point)
  3. In another small pot have it half filled with water and get it to a low simmer. Add vinegar and stir. Slowly drop in the cracked egg. Allow to cook for 1min 30sec – 2 min. Once done, place on a tissue on the side. (Do this step close to or even when the sweet potatoes are done)
  4. Once the sweet potatoes are done. Place them in the bowl/plate first, then the beans, salad, poached egg and chopped parsley to finish. Enjoy.

Please like and share and let me know how it goes.


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