Greens & Prawns

So this recipe started from me finding basil in the fridge. Yes this dish was inspired by one fresh herb. I don’t and have not used much of basil in my cooking so I thought why not. So while I was rummaging through the fridge found some Prawns, Brocollini and asparagus. Not forgetting a sauce vierge. Which I had pre made the day before for one the specials on my takeaway service, which is great with all fish.

My aim is always to test my self and make something light and easy in 30min. And this did just that. I added hard boiled eggs to my dish, but you can change this to your preference. So lets get to it.

Youll need

50g, Peeled Prawns

1/2 a Shallot

35/40g, Broccolini

35/40g, Asparagus

1 Tbsp, Butter

2 Tbsp, Oil

2 Cloves of Garlic

2 Tbsp, Sauce Vierje

3 Basil Leaves

1, Egg

  1. Prep the veg by placing the veg(Asparagus and Broccolini) horizontally on the board where you will cut in half, also from a horizontal direction (You can do this vertically if you wish, but then you would have to cut it vertically also). Not forgetting to also dice up the Shallots and Garlic.
  2. Heat up the pan on a medium high heat. Once hot add oil then shortly followed by the Garlic and Sallots. After a minute or so thrown in the veg (Asparagus and Brocollini) and butter. (At this point is where you should cook your eggs if you did not have any ready)
  3. After 2min throw in the prawns (I like to put my vegetables to the side to give space) cook for around a further 4 min.
  4. Grab the plate or bowl which you want to serve. Once the 4min are complete (Or cooked to your liking) place the eggs at the bottom of the plate/bowl.
  5. Grab the pan with the prawns plus veg and gently place the veg on top (Not scattered), drop the prawns around the dish, lather some of the prawns with the sauce and sprinkle over the basil (I chopped mine using a Chiffonade style). Now enjoy.
(Step 4)

Please like and share and let me know how it goes.


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