Sticky Salmon: A Sweet and Savory Recipe for a Perfect Weeknight Dinner

We all love salmon from baking it to shallow frying, poaching and all other various kinds of ways, but this way is probably a favourite amongst us or we all love sticky wings whether it be sweet-and-sour or the famous teriyaki salmon. I feel with this recipe you’ll get just that.

It’s so easy once you get the hang of it I thought like oh it might be a challenging and tedious process but once I figure out how to do it it’s literally 30 minutes and you are done and you have an amazing tasting teriyaki salmon that is also soft and juicy on the inside.

Being that salmon is one of the popular fish is out being consumed with great beneficial factors such as omega oils and vitamin B12. It is also very diverse and can practically go on anything you can eat from some smoked salmon in the morning. In a salad or a lovely main dinner. so can’t really go wrong with this and once you’ve got the method. You can practically start making anything coated in this sticky sauce.

Youll need

100-120g, Salmon Fillet

1 Tsp, Baking Powder

1 Tsp, Ginger Powder

2 Tbsp, Soy Sauce

2 Tbsp, Honey

1 Tsp, Sugar

1 Tsp, Mixed Herb


2 Tbsp, Orange Juice

50 ml, Water

  1. Wash Salmon and pat dry. Pour and spread the Salt, Baking and Ginger Powder. Place in the grill on 180 degrees and cook on each side for around 5-6min. (Place skin side down when putting it in the grill)
  2. Once cooked (poke with a small knife or a stick about an inch and place under the lower lip, it should be hot but not too hot that is when it had cooked through) place to the sided.
  3. Heat up the liquids (Soy Sauce, Honey, Sugar, Orange Juice & Water) on a high heat and wait till bubbles form. Once that starts, add in the salmon and cook it down till the sauce thickens (Turn occasionally to get a good coating).
  4. Now serve with some rice and veg or just as it is with your favourite garnish.

Please like and share and let me know how it goes.


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